“What do you eat?” This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get after explaining Gabriel’s diet. I usually answer with some form of ‘I don’t know”. It is definately one of the many things we are figuring out.

Gabriel is used to Chuck eating different food than us. He has been on a medically supervised diet has been on for over a year and is looking and feeling great. Chuck and Gabriel both have medically prescribed diets, so that leaves me. I try not to eat food that Gabriel would like but cannot have in front of him. Since I am the one who has fed him until now, we like a lot of the same things πŸ™‚ I miss pasta, bread and apples with peanut butter! I eat a lot of lean cuisine chicken enchiladas because G does not like them! On a good day I will make a salad or sneak an apple while he takes a nap. Even as I am typing this post I realize that some days I only get a carnation instant breakfast, few triscuits and a zone bar before he goes to bed. Then I usually end up snacking on popcorn or grabbing a frosty. NOT a good long term plan.

I am starting to eat more and more foods in front of him to see how he responds. I ate a hamburger made on the grill in front of him last week and he didn’t blink an eye. I wasn’t totally surprised because he wouldn’t have wanted a hamburger anyway. We talk a lot about how he has special food that makes him “strong and healthy” and how any other food would make him sick. He has a great understanding.

A couple days ago he wanted to hold the peanut butter jar and I let him. We have a new peanut butter I make him now that he loves! I still wouldn’t eat a peanut butter sandwich in front of him.

There seem to be 2 strains of thought from parents on the Ketogentic diet. Some give their keto kid the closest thing available and the rest of the family eats like normal, while others do not. Since we don’t have any other kids we have the freedom to keep foods he can’t have out of the house. I want him to feel like no matter what Mommy is on his side.

I am hoping that as we continue to get our routine on track I can factor in more intentional and healthy eating for myself. In the meantime I am thankful for my triscuits and carnation instant breakfasts πŸ™‚

As of tomorrow morning we will be 6 days seizure free! Chuck and I are very hopeful that this new ratio is perfect for our boy. His appetite is fully back today as well. He ate all 4 meals and his snack! I stayed in his chair after every meal today waiting to see if I would offer him extra strawberries. I am hoping he will start eating cream so we can give him more of the fruit he loves so much.