We had a bit of a rough day today.  At least 8 seizures that we documented, I’m guessing we were probably at 10-12 all told.  Gabriel and I were watching some online worship music and jamming out and I had the camera running to catch him dancing.  I didn’t get much of the dancing but I did catch a Drop seizure on camera for the first time quite by accident. As you will note he starts off just watching the computer and playing with his truck then all the sudden his hands go up his head bobs down and he kind of crashes sideways to the ground.  This one was fairly mild.  He pops right back up, but then a few seconds later lays down and moves his head back and forth.  Basically these are generalized seizures, they kind of temporarily scramble his brain.  Usually (though he didn’t this time), he comes up crying and mad.  They all have a cumulative effect and the more we see, the less he can speak clearly which is the hardest part. I took the music out with some youtube wiz bang and dropped in a free version of one of his favorite songs about Jesus: Jesus Loves Me.  So appropriate given the line, “Little ones to him belong, they are weak, but he is strong”  Be strong Jesus, we want you to kick some doose syndrome butt!


P.S.  One tip for watching – close any ad popups.  The seizure happens fast at the beginning of the clip, you might have to close the ads and then go back and start it again to see it.