We had a really good steak of 5 seizure free days that ended yesterday, on Father’s Day. He had 4 drop seizures and 1 big gran mal that was 2 1/2 minutes.

He has not been interested in food since then but has eaten the majority 99% of his 2 meals today. When I gave him his afternoon medicine he threw it up right away. I knew from experience that if the meds don’t stay in we need to redose. I set to getting his meds ready again and he rested on the the kitchen floor. The second try was a repeat of the first.

At this point his stomach is totally empty and he has no medicine in him. Just took his temp and he has a slight fever 100.5. Sigh. We have a call into the doctor to see what happens next.

I know we are making progress but it seems like everytime we get our footing there is another big set back.