Last night Gabriel walked up to me and said “I eat a strawberry”. I turned to see an open container of strawberries I had left on the counter! YIKES! I asked him to open his mouth and sure enough bright red!  We gave him a tiny amount of butter to offset the strawberry and called it night.

The day went well expect that his ketone level were very low first thing in the morning then again tonight.

While Gabriel and I were leaving church tonight he had a small drop seizure. I was holding his hand, while walking out of the parking lots, when he suddenly slumped.  He stood right back up. I had to squat down and look at his eyes and ask how he was. A second later he started crying 🙁 and I knew had been a seizure. I think he cries after these because he is aware something went wrong, but is not sure what.

I had to pause and check because he thinks it is funny to suddenly slump to the ground while we are walking and holding hands.  If it is not a seizure he chirps “I am ok! :)” and keeps walking. Sigh. Really wish he would stop doing this but haven’t figured out the solution, because on nights like tonight it is good that I was holding his hand.

We hope to start counting seizure free days again. Going to keep a close eye on ketones tomorrow, make sure all food is put away immediately, and sit with him while he eats to make sure every bites gets chowed down (even if he tells us to go away!)