Gabriel has had 2 of regular(ish) sleep patterns! Waking up in the morning. Staying awake and playing until 2. Taking a 2 hour nap. Bed at 9. We’ll take it. He is doing so great in so many ways right now. He is playing on his own a little and becoming more conversational (as opposed to just reporting things).

It is always strange to me that Gabriel’s good days can be the hardest on me. He is doing SO well! It’s just hard that he isn’t able to do everything he used to do. I was cleaning and ran across one of his newborn picture, pictures from before Doose are always hard. They are reminder of that huge line drawn in our lives before/after Doose. Not trying to be a downer, just keeping it real. Having a child with special needs is hard, day to day hard…..filled with amazing blessings….but hard.