I was so excited that Gabriel didn’t have a big seizure in the middle of the night like he had the last 3 nights. Now I find myself wishing he had just had the 1 in the middle of the night instead of the craziness we had today. ๐Ÿ™

I think we are ready to say that has has offically developed a new kind of seizure….. fan…freaking….tastic ;( He has 2 episodes that fit the description of complex absence seizures. 1 last night and 1 this morning. He also had 1 gran mal, a partial slow drop and a full backwards fall with head slam on hardwood floors drop today.

He has also learned to try and spit out whatever medicine remains in his mouth after we syringe it in him. Seriously….I hate it! We literally have to sit on top of him and force his mouth open just to get it in.

Days like today are hard when we are working so hard to manage the seizures and he still needs medicine and he still needs meals for tomorrow. My mom was able to come down and spend some time with me this afternoon since Chuck has school and or work late everynight this week.

Asking for prayer for strength and answers to get us back to days without seizures.