Gabriel had a really great, energy packed, pushing all the boundaries day.  We got to say ‘no’ and ‘stop’ tons of time because he was doing normal 3 year old things, throwing blocks,  trying to stand on a toy truck, hanging on mommies leg as she tried to cook. He has had 3 good days in a row now. He is running, wanting to play outside and even trying to pedal his big wheel! woo hoo!

I took him to one of his favorite places…a model train set up in a storefront at a mall near our house.  He has loved it since he was little.  there are several trains running throughout the store.  he always ran right in and would run from one set up to the next.  when his epilepsy started he used to go and sit by one display in the corner and watched the trains go round and round while having lots of little drop seizures. we were sad he wasn’t running around but glad that he still felt joy in one of his favorite places. When we went today Gabriel was back to running around looking at every train and didn’t even glance to the corner he used to sit in.

So… we are thankful for a good today.