We have some big news in our little world. Gabriel is beginning to willingly take his medicine! After over a year of having to fight him 3 times a day, literally having to wrap him up in blankets and force him mouth open, he is coming around. Now he will sit on our lap or occasionally even stand up to take his medicine. We still have to pry his mouth open most of the time but once it is open, he will say Ahhh and finish the medicine.Medicine time when I was home alone was especially traumatizing for Gabriel and I. I am so unbelieveably proud of our little guy for this milestone!
This is HUGE HUGE HUGE wonderful news!

He continues to be doing very well in all areas of life right now. Still 0 seizures! He is interacting more and more. His coordination and motor strengths are slowly but surely coming back. He is regaining skills we took for granted a year ago….like carrying a plate with food on it and not letting all the food slide off the plate. He is asking “Why” questions again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Many of the developmental milestones he was hitting a year ago before the seizures started are coming back from hiatus! We had his IEP (individualized education plan) meeting a couple weeks ago and I got a little teared up looking around at the team of amazing people working with him. He is currently getting speech,physically and occupational therapies. All of them are helping our boy live into his full self. Beautiful and amazing to see!