HI Blog Readers!
It has been too long. In my desire to only have great posts with beautiful pictures I have failed to post at all.

The quick update:  G is doing awesome in TONS of ways! It feels like we are getting to know him again! His personality is coming back and it has been so fun to really enjoy being his parent.

We had a wonderful summer. Thanks to our make a wish trip in January we were able to go to several other theme/water park attractions through out the summer for FREE! He loved them all, especially a local water park.

The school year has started off beautifully for Gabriel. He is at a new school with new teachers. We could not be happier with team of people working with him, especially his lead classroom teacher. Her personality , as well as, her philosophy of early childhood learning are exactly what Gabriel needs. We are seeing amazing things at home as a result. He is much more conversational and tuned into relating with us. He is willing and interested in more and more painting, writing,  projects.

The last several months have been full of great developmental steps and sighs of relief on our part. We are astounded by the leaps he has made physically since we started the overnight supplemental feedings. His balance is so much better. He is interested in riding his bike with training wheels. He can jump with and land on 2 feet again (a skill that he lost for almost 2 years). He can kick to help propel himself in the pool.

The feeding has also helped with his interpersonal interactions. He is able to carry on short conversations now. He can answer questions when asked (as before sometimes he would take 10-15 seconds to answer or not answer at all).

It is so fun to be able to answer “He is doing really good” when people ask! (Yes, Yes, I know the correct grammar is “he is well”) 😉