I never imagined there would be a time when I would miss taking Gabriel to the grocery store with me. Let’s face it grocery shopping with a young child can be time consuming, chaotic and exhausting.

I ran into Hy-vee to get tomatoes for Chuck and suddenly found myself very sad. This local store offers free cookies to kids. It has been a favorite routine of G and I go to grocery shopping here. He was always in a good and silly mood while munching on his cookie. We would sing silly songs while walking down the aisles, he would ask me to spin him around in the circles in the cart, or give the cart a huge push and let go.

We have been able to avoid foods he is not allowed to have so far. I know the time is coming when we will have to say no to cookies, chips, cake, ice cream and all other foods that he might see while we are out and about. I know it  just food, but it makes me sad that his brain doesn’t work right, and because of this he is going to feel excluded and sad.