Hey there, Figuring It Out readers! My name is Helen, and I’m friends with Amy, Chuck, and Gabriel. I’m also a blogger and photographer, so when Amy texted me one evening in January, and asked if I would bring my camera to her house to photograph some Keto Cooking and then guest blog about it, I was more than willing!

One morning, last fall, a group of us were chatting about Amy (yes, Amy – we talk about you!) while waiting for our mom’s group meeting to start. We were discussing the enormous amount of work Amy does to cook meals and snacks for Gabriel, and wondering aloud how we could help her more. Half joking, we talked about setting up an assembly line some time, to help her knock out a bunch of meals all at once. Right away we thought “hey, that’s actually a pretty good idea!”, so plans were made and Keto Cooking Nights were started.

Once a month, 4-6 friends will gather in Amy’s kitchen, and under her guidance, prep and cook as much food for Gabriel as possible. It’s a fascinating experience, that a lot of the Type-A, perfectionists especially seem to enjoy.

Foods all have to be carefully measured, weighed (down to the gram!), and cooked.

Ingredients are divided into small cups, in preparation for the actual recipe assembly. The mass quantities of cups of ingredients, reminded us all of what you see on cooking shows!

Some of the food combos look a little, uh, interesting to start. These pizzas come to mind… Low and behold, they look like mini pizzas by the time they come out of the oven!

While we’ve all admired Amy and her strength from afar, it was even more awe inspiring to be in her kitchen with her, to watch her handle a small seizure while we were there, and to watch her give Gabriel a dose of his medicines and various supplements. She handles everything with such beautiful grace and calmness; she definitely inspires us all!

If you’re reading this because you have a child on a diet like this, and people ask how they can help you, tell them a Keto Cooking Night would be helpful! And if you know someone who is living this, offer a Keto Cooking Night to them. Friends always make things more fun!