Sunday morning began with a literal bang, as Gabriel split his chin open on the train table at 6 a.m. We were at the ER by 7 waiting for stitches.

Gabriel was a complete and total trooper. The doctor and nurses all commented multiple times on how good he was. Truly, he did not move an inch or cry the whole time his was being stitched up. He ended up with 6 stitches in his chin. I think he got a couple extra for good measure since he was so well behaved.

He has now gone to the hos-ti-bal (as he calls it) so many times that he pretty much rolls in asking for the train sets. As a matter of fact the only tears he shed this morning where when we told him the trains had to stay to help other kids get better. ๐Ÿ™‚

The rest of the day was pretty good. He bounced back quickly, talked and played with trains, enjoyed time celebrating his Papa’s birthday and playing Yahtzee with the grown ups.

We now have 2 follow up appointments this week. One on Tuesday with his neuro pyschologist to find out the results and action plan from our last visit and one on Thursday to get his stitches removed.

We have reluctantly bumped one of his meds up a bit at the doctors advice. We were hoping the Carnitin would help stop the seizures but there has been no change after several days.

The last several days have been tough. We went from 6 to 7 to 8 seizure free days, and now we are 10 straight days of seizures in. We were hoping to begin reducing meds and get him out of the fog and instead we are adding more.

We know that a breakthough is coming and remind ourselves it could be much worse.

In the meantime we try to soak up the good moments.