I’ve been thinking about starting a family blog for a while now, but never seemed to be motivated or find the time. I find myself with time today, as I watch our sweet baby sleep off yet another seizure. G had has his first seizure on Super Bowl Sunday. I was home alone with him and completely freaked out!….what else would a mommy do?  After calling 911 and getting him to the ER it was determined that it was just a febrile seizure, caused by a fever. No big deal….very common in young children. Turned out that was not the case for our little man. We are a little over a month in…so far G has had 2 hospital stays, many tests, at least 2 types of seizures and a difficult to treat form of epilepsy. (UGH! I don’t even want to type because it means it is really true, not a bad dream I get to wake up from!)

Before we got married, the pastor doing our premarital counseling, asked us why we thought we could have a strong marriage that would last. At the time I answered “because we don’t expect life to be perfect but we will figure it out together.”  Little did I know how true that statement would become in our lives.  We have figured out job transitions, loss of loved ones, serious family illness and a host of other things good and bad together. Now we are adding one more….. how to manage epilepsy in our sweet baby boy. Hence the name of our blog….we are quite literally figure it out together.