We got to celebrate Grandpa Frank’s (Chuck’s dad) 80th birthday this weekend. Gabriel was very excited about having a “Happy Birthday Party” for Grandpa. Gabriel talked all day about Grandpa’s cake and his candles. When the cake arrived Gabriel was very interested in it. He kept looking at it and asking questions.



He was so anxious to help in anyway we would let him. He helped put the candles on the cake and blow them out.

Not once did our sweet boy try to sneak a bite of the cake. I was so proud of him. It was clear he was obsessed with the cake but followed the “rules” for his eating perfectly. The whole evening I kept thinking. This maybe the last time he has to watch someone eat birthday cake and have to eat something different! I am soooo hoping and praying that is true! Our appointment with his epilepsy specialist is tomorrow morning. It has seemed the longest couple weeks waiting for this appointment. We are hopeful that the team is ready with diet wean plan for us.

The last time Gabriel got to eat birthday cake was on his 3rd birthday (I think)
He was so proud of his Green/Blue M&M 3 cake! Nonna (Amy’s Mom) made him exactly what he has asked for! (it is strange thinking back, his reaction was similar to his reaction to Grandpa’s cake this week…he just LOVES to look at and talk about Birthday cakes!)

We spent his 3rd birthday in the hospital, right when the seizures started. They did a great job making it a special and fun day for Gabriel.


He loved his Thomas train set, his balloons and his Chocolate cake. Tomorrow feels like a big occasion. Getting a chance to see if his body can stay seizure free off the diet will be an occasion to celebrate and remember.  My hope and prayer is that we will be able to have a successful/seizure free diet wean and includes eating CAKE!