After several weeks of slowly adjusting Gabriel’s Valpo and ADD medicine, we had a great day yesterday!

Gabriel was alert, attentive, and articulate! He was able to answer questions quickly and in context. He engaged in play both with me and by himself! He put his own shoes on (before I asked!) and even used the potty! He only had 1 breakdown, it lasted 5 minutes then he moved on!

Today started out wonderfully as well. He helped me cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast. He willingly got in the car to head to his day camp at church. He put his backpack on to walk down the hallway, and even greeted his teacher!

Everyday is new and different. I am keenly aware that tomorrow could be crazy full of emotional breakdowns and impulsiveness and silence but yesterday…was AWESOME and I hope for many more days just like it!

A facebook friend recently posted something about those moments when you see your child shining through neurological challenges. Those moments are beautiful and precious! My hope and prayer is to see more and more of G shining through Doose. I also hope and pray for other parents to see more of their own children shining through whatever neurological, physical or emotional challenges their families are facing.