It felt a little strange to be going to Gabriel’s 3 year well child exam today.  Was it really worth it? We knew he wasn’t “well”.  At the same we wanted to be sure his regular doctor was up to speed on all that has transpired.

Turned out to be an AWESOME visit. First let me say we love our family doctor. He has an incredible bedside manner, really takes time and listens. He is also an avid researcher, learner, teacher. We always leave a visit to his office feeling cared for and knowing something new.

The doctor took lots of notes, asked lots of questions and listened as we gave him the quick rundown of the seizures and medications. Then he looked both Chuck and I in the eye and asked “Now, how are Mom and Dad doing?”  We have been very blessed with great medical professionals throughout this journey, but this is the first time a doctor has truly asked how we are doing. (Not that we felt the other doctors should have, they were treating our child, not us.) He chatted with us, gave us encouraging words, as well as, some simple wisdom, then wrapped up the “seizure” part of our visit.

G had fun playing with the doctor and whizzed through all of his developmental checks and general medical checks.  He was full of energy, being a silly and a little ornery. I made a comment about how the medication seems to be making him a little hyper and more active then usual, even though the side effects warn of possible drowsiness. The doctor commented “I think that is great. I see him acting like a 3 year old boy”. The doctor followed that comment with something to the effect of…maybe his has been in a slight haze until now and this medicine is letting all of him shine. WOW! A whole new perspective on this extra energy I have been annoyed with.  Gonna be a learning curve for Mommy but we will figure it out.  (HA! didn’t mean to go back to the blog name….clearly we say it a lot around here!)