As of 11 p.m. Monday night Gabriel is 1 week with no seizures! Yippee!

The week was filled with family time and lots of fun. He went to his first neuro psychologist visit Monday morning. It was a lot of questions for Mommy and Daddy and some fun play type activities for Gabriel. Chuck and I will go back in a couple weeks to learn the ideas and purposed plan of action.

Chuck was working on hospital bills last night when he discovered that some very expensive genetic tests our doctors ordered were denied by insurance as unnecessary. Ugh! So today, we will start making calls and “figuring it out”. These tests could help better determine what type of doose we are dealing with…specifically if he has a chance to out grow this or not. Our understanding was that Gabriels treatment plan could vary based on these results.

We have been waiting on these results for months now and it was frustrating to find out that the test results are clearly available and we haven’t been notified. AND then on top of it the frustration and financial implications of possibly having to pay the bill are overwhelming. God has been with us and directed every step in his journey so far, and at this moment I am seeking to stay calm and trust it will all work.

I keep thinking of the 90’s pop song… I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down. (Sorry to anyone who knows this song and now has it stuck in their head). We have learned another important lesson to get everything checked and run through insurance first. Annoying and time consuming but clearly necessary.

In the long run we really are O.K….truly in the grand scheme of things we are good. While in the waiting room yesterday I found myself remembering to be thankful for how well Gabriel is doing. My guess would be that a handful of parents waiting with me watched Gabriel playing and wished their child was able to play that well, speak that much, be that healthy.

Today we are asking for prayer for
1. Continued seizure freedom
2. A quick and complete resolution of this blood test bill.